Agreement With Provider

The need to secure the obligation to fund DHB services led to the expiry of 12 to 18 months between the presentation of the cases and the contractual negotiations with the ministry; Contract negotiations between DHB and Provider followed and lasted an additional nine months. 5.10 Due diligence and faithful faith: the parties will exercise appropriate diligence and diligence in the implementation of this agreement. The parties agree to act in good faith, unless it is considered a failure in good faith that one of the parties respects its right to terminate the agreement, with or without cause. Performance standards. appropriate performance standards that the practitioner must meet, for example. (b) compliance with existing legislation, appropriate standards of care, payer requirements and your statutes, rules and guidelines; providing services professionally and without interruption; participation in committees and the performance of medical staff or group obligations; Participation in relevant payer programs cooperation in collection and investigations; Etc. Confirm that repeated violations of performance standards may be grounds for termination. remark. Contracts generally contain provisions setting the terms of termination under the agreement. B, such as termination or termination. Make sure the arrangements are appropriate and workable.

In addition to regular or authenticated mail, consider authorizing in-person, fax and/or email communication to the dementor. calendar. The contract should normally describe whether the services are full-time, part-time or as needed. If services are provided “as required,” you can indicate that the agreement does not guarantee a minimum number of hours or positions. If you indicate a schedule or wait for hours, please consider the schedule indicated, in addition to planned clinical services, administrative commitments or appeals. Here too, you can reserve the right to set or change the calendar. 2.33 Complaints and Claims: The provider undertakes to cooperate with SelectHealth in any member complaint or complaint proceedings or management care plan. 2.22 Terms of service and waiting conditions: For services provided to members who have received covered services, With the exception of the application of a pre-existing condition or a similar limitation of insurance coverage during the initial phase of enrolling the member in a managed plan, the provider agrees to pay in full the amount that the supplier would otherwise have paid under the member`s Manage Card plan, plus all premiums, co-insurance or self-benefit. construction. Confirm that both parties were involved in the development of the agreement and that it should not be interpreted more favourably with respect to either party. confidentiality. An appropriate confidentiality agreement can protect you from unfair competition from the practitioner.

Ask the practitioner to maintain the confidentiality of confidential information, including patient information, staff information, peer review and risk management activities, business practices and policies, and trade secrets. The allocation of royalties. If you intend to charge patients and payers for the practitioner`s benefits and keep the collections, the contract should give you the right to do so. Ask the practitioner to complete all the additional documents necessary for reassignment and cooperate with your billing and collection efforts. 4.05 Termination with or without cause: Either the supplier or SelectHealth may terminate this contract with or without reason after sixty (60) days before written notification to the other party. Associated management plans may terminate, for or without reason, the vendor`s participation in registered members about these plans after at least sixty (60) days of written notification.