Residence Agreement Dalhousie

For more information on the possibilities of staying at the AST, including family or special requests, please contact: A resident who must move from one teaching hospital to another as part of his residence program is entitled to a day off with payment to move from one place to another and pays a transportation allowance of: that individuals respect the rights of their roommates , including the right to privacy, property, education and tranquillity. All inhabitants have the same opportunity to share common institutions. Only by respecting the rights of others can you expect your own rights to be respected. The spirit of the roommate is the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation, with each inhabitant having the right and duty to remind the roommates of their responsibilities when their behaviour deviates from reasonable standards. Please note: The additional guidelines introduced under COVID-19 mean that our apartments are substance-free for at least the month of September. During this period, students are not allowed to use alcohol or cannabis that is not prescribed in residences or to be in possession. For more information, please see the annex to the Code of Conduct for Residence. View a copy of the agreement [PDF 307 kB] only for reference purposes. “We are preparing for a $30 million tuition reduction, which does not cover living and other incidental expenses and revenues,” the letter says.

Karen Harper stated that CupE`s collective agreement does not expire until the end of August, so they have not yet begun negotiations. However, she said members were concerned about possible course cancellations that could result in job losses. You must submit all posters and advertisements for approval to the Office of the Director of The Life Residence before displaying them, including all posters of the residential council. Resident physicians who do not feel safe to travel from work to their place of residence after working on an internal call station are compensated for transporting taxis home and return to work if necessary to reduce the vehicle to a maximum of $20 per trip.