Technical Services Agreement Meaning

At the customer`s request, VIRTBIZ Internet Services (HERE) provides services dictated by the presentation of a system management ticket. VIRTBIZ guarantee. Under this contract, VIRTBIZ provides services to the customer and does not sell or license unless expressly provided for. VIRTBIZ guarantees that it will perform the services in a way of art. THE WARRANTY IN THIS SECTION IS A LIMITED WARRANTY AND IT IS THE ONLY GUARANTEE MADE BY VIRTBIZ. EXCEPT FOR THIS LIMITED WARRANTY, VIRTBIZ MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, RELATING TO THE SERVICES TO BE RENDERED BY VIRTBIZ UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, AND VIRTBIZ EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE THAT MAY ARISE IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH SERVICES. Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all agreements, proposals, assurances, declarations or prior agreements, written or oral, concerning the provision of services by VIRTBIZ to the client. No amendments, amendments or waivers to any of the terms of this Agreement are binding unless both parties are signatories in writing. VIRTBIZ Internet Services is committed to providing professional technical services to the customer under the following conditions and the customer is committed to accepting these services. You can choose to enter into a contract with us for technical services such as system administration or server migrations. These services can be requested with this LIEN. The Iraqi government awarded these TSCs by field after all IOCs launched a fierce bidding competition to offer the lowest RFB, which meant that the maximum gain was left to the government.

The YOD WFOE technical service contract had the exclusive right to provide technical, marketing and management services, financial support and personnel support services, and EVs were required to make every cost-effective effort to enable and facilitate the delivery of services through YOD WFOE. Guaranteed by the customer. The client guarantees that VIRTBIZ`s provision of services does not infringe on the rights of third parties, including, but not exclusively, intellectual property rights. force majeure. Neither party is responsible for damage or delays caused by natural disasters, power outages or outages, strikes or labour disputes, acts of God, wars, disturbances, acts of civil or military authorities or public enemy or other reasons not controlled by either party. Technical Service Contract (TSC) refers to an oil and gas exploration and operating contract awarded by a producing country to the International Oil Company (CIO) that offers a per barrel compensation fee (RFB) paid as a reward for its capital and operating expenses. TCS has been widely used in Iraq to allocate the exploration and development rights of oil and gas fields in southern Iraq to IOCs. – $25 billion in operating over the 20-year TSC term All revenues, with the exception of this per-barrel compensation tax (RFB), go to the producing country. Independent contractors. Virtbiz is an independent contractor for all purposes. Neither VIRTBIZ, its subcontractors, nor their employees, nor their representatives are considered employees or representatives of the customer.