Transfer By Agreement Form Centrelink

How does transferring to a sub-par-joberach provider improve my chances of getting a job? Especially considering that there are not enough jobs and 16 unemployed for each vacancy! As you are no aware, the unemployed have increased by 27,800 people in the past year, regardless of the number of jobs the government claims to have created! In addition, these do not call for profit companies especially the churches involved with them are always the cheapest form of work, instead of contractors or proper work another form of job fraud in themselves, while collecting taxpayers to buy real estate and get cheap building materials to build their own homes. I`m a single parent, not looking for two wonderful boys. I retired early last year because of injuries I sustained in a car accident. I had previously worked for the same company for almost 10 years. I decided to study full time, instead of looking at four walls, to do a bachelor`s degree in science at university. I have cert 4 in frontline management and a degree in business management. This started so many problems with Centrelink that I`m not, “A Standard” I`ve been called because I`m within my rights to do nothing. I was sent to MADEC. Omg! I sent them another e-mail tonight. I signed a study plan with Centrelink, but they bother me to sign a job plan with them. My certificate for my back, etc.

was the fact that I was studying, and this is the first case I had problems with MADEC last year. It took months for him to be told it wasn`t them, but Centrelink and Visa to. You know my health problems. The receptionist is so rude and condescending that I hate talking to her. I don`t know my rights. I am in the process of applying for a disability, as my doctor, etc., has classified me as a permanent and stable disabled person. I can get JET childcare help if I have EVERY week JET my program for college by email, what a joke, and I can`t help with college books because I`m not on Austudy. It was said to ask, that I cannot do because of my children. I have an access plan for the disabled, so I can also watch conferences online, so I don`t need to be in the car or go far. The madec office here is hopeless.

Their headquarters is at least trying to help, but it`s not theirs. Sorry for the rant, but I feel like hitting my head on a brick wall. It`s like fighting on every street corner. Can someone guide me in the right direction or have I not been properly informed?? Please help me. I am currently with Max Employment Ecke. I was involved in a car accident 3 years ago, in which I lost my job and my relationship, and I found myself homeless for two and a half years. I have spinal and degenerative arthritis stenosis in my neck, plus three curved discs in my lower back plus I have heart disease and an enlarged prostate. I`m in DES support and they put me with man strength, where I have no physical test and was settled with Hilton meat on a trial line. Then, with my knowledge to another company unload the shipping containers. I informed Max Employment and they are suspending my payment.

I`ve seen max Head`s manager track down everyone who comes in to work for the workforce. Guess, it`s for his Xmas Bounus. I`m not treated as an individual, but just a different number and didn`t help the industry I want, but pushed into work without a future.