Haddington Road Agreement For Nurses

But the government will have to realize that it must also deal with the issue of hours for nurses and midwives. GardaĆ­ will reduce the number of unpaid overtime hours per year from 30 to 15 hours per year under the agreement between the Ministry of Justice and the Garda Representative Association (GRA). He said increasing the pay of the estimated 3,000 nurses affected by the anomaly would send a strong message. “It`s not a massive adaptation, but it would send a signal to these people that we want to stay in the system so that they are treated with respect.” The proposed industrial dispute is clearly within the concept of conflict, as defined in the Agreement which states that “strikes or other forms of trade union measures by trade unions, workers or employers shall be excluded in all matters covered by this Agreement if the employer, trade union or staff association acts in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement”. Although THE INMO signed the agreement, the government has the power, under emergency legislation, to freeze workers` wages outside the agreement. It has frozen the increments of ASTI members and they cannot benefit from promotional actions. Twilight Payments (T1/6) Twilight Payments and Equivalent Payments in Sectors are no longer payable….